Building an effective medical staff is a process

It begins with transparency. That is, why are we here, why is each of us here and what are our responsibilities. If you cannot begin on the same page, you won’t get there half-way through the book.

Those questions won’t answer themselves. And, you won’t find the answers will come out easily or comfortably.

My analytical process has been developed over more than 10 years and with, literally, one-on-one consultations with hundreds of physicians. And I have a 20 year track record recruiting and retaining physicians as a hospital administrator. 

How you address these questions will determine whether your ACO’s (or other group's) physician component is stable and successful or volatile and fruitless. Success isn’t a matter of chance or luck, it’s the result of good planning, understanding your partners and striving towards mutually valuable goals.

Who are your physicians

Social Demographics

          • Age – years to work
          • Current economics
          • Future economics

Practice Demographics

          • Work schedule
          • Patient mix
          • Support staff
          • Non-direct practice revenue activities
          • Existing relationships for referrals/support

Behavioral Drivers – what are your physicians’ interests, usual behaviors and their needs… how do they respond or act under stress?

          • Control
          • Authority
          • Communications orientation
          • Emotional motivation
Let's look at these characteristics in more detail... click here
Critical factors are assessed to determine the practice needs, the environment, the systems, processes, relationships necessary to have a healthy and successful physicians.