Changing Disruptive Physician Behaviors

Disruption is more often defensive than offensive... except to the recipient.

Most physicians aren't disruptive because they want to be... it's not a sport with them, regardless of how it may sometimes seem.

Disruptive is a behavior, and as such, a disruptive physician, when his/her disruptive behaviors are appropriately defined and understood can be offered alternative behaviors intended to result in more positive outcomes from traditionally disruptive situations.

At third_Evolution, my other company, understanding physician behaviors and matching career opportunities is our primary business.  Matching career opportunities means improving on an existing career relationship or seeking a new more appropriate career situation. 

Working with disruptive physicians is much the same, the critical factors being:

    • Defining the disruptive behavior
    • Determining the reason for the disruptive behavior
    • Offering the physician alternatives to the disruptive behavior
    • Assessing the physicians interest and willingness to adopt more positive behaviors

Defining the behavior requires interviews and/or discussions with witnesses of the behavior as well as the physicians own interpretation of the behavior others find disruptive.

Determining the reason for the behavior is a combination of subjective interviews with the physician and an objective behavioral assessment from which the behavior may be matched to definable stress triggers along with methods to address the stress with alternative, non-disruptive, actions.

From an analysis is the stress induced triggers, the physician will be coached in various alternative methods to approach the situation or encounter that prompts disruption. 

The physician will finally be assessed to determine likelihood of compliance with the recommended positive alternatives.

Behaviors can change with the right inputs and opportunities. Call or email me to learn how.

Bob Priddy

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