Who Should Attend

"Look behind you, if you have no followers, then you should attend"

If you are in a management role, wish to be or are trying to better understand management and leadership in both executive and or medical situations, you should attend.

Physician Executives:

Whether you're new to the Executive payroll or have been there for years, if you're questioning your status, opportunity or role in leadership, then you should attend.

Medical Practice Executives

Yours is a challenging role straddling the line between practitioner and executive. Learning and understanding the differences between leadership and management are particularly important to your success.

NonClinical, non-Medical Executives

You've found yourself outside traditional boundaries. Your organization may not understand the value of your physician background and you may not understand how best to fit outside a clinical environment. You'll benefit from understanding how to use "Physician" to it's fullest while appreciating the expectations of the other leaders around you.

Practicing Physicians with Executive Management Goals and Aspirations

You know you're on the executive track, but how do you show it? How do you define your management style when asked? How do you prove you're a qualified manager or leader? We'll answer those questions and more.