Present Yourself as a Competent, Compassionate Professional Deserving of the Board's Consideration

That may sound simple, but when you feel under attack, when you're asked questions you may find insulting or embarrassing, you may not respond in the best possible manner. You may also believe, and be correct in your belief, that you did absolutely nothing wrong, so you expect to simply say so, spend five minutes and be back for the afternoon surgeries - what's wrong with wearing dirty scrubs?

Reality is different. We've seen physicians respond with insultingly trivial and remedial responses that would offend any first year medical student, let alone, a distinguished group of seasoned physicians sitting on a state medical board. We've seen physicians tell "regulators" that they are in a hurry, so they don't expect this to take too long, and we've seen physicians plead ignorance when confronted by simple contractual violations that resulted in major penalties. 

You can't risk a bad presentation. You future is literally on the line. 

To prepare you...:
  • We'll help you look the part of a professional member of the community.
  • We'll help you state your case and your position appropriately.
  • We'll help you create a positive impression with both body language and spoken language.
  • We'll help you and your attorney sort through the facts of your case to focus on relevance and appropriateness.
  • We'll be on your side and the side of your counsel.